Cameroon Oncology Center is currently recruiting a Medical Physicist/Oncologist/Therapist

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Medical Physicist-Radiation Oncology Physicist

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Medical Physicist-Radiation Oncology Physicist

Radiation Therapist/Therapeutic radiographers

Clinical Service Engineer/Biomedical Engineer

Cameroon Oncology Center is currently recruiting a Medical Physicist for its state of Art Center outside of Douala Cameroon.  We are looking for an individual that wants to be an integral part of our team but work independently.  Someone that is passionate about the providing the best care for cancer patients and has a strong desire to perform at the highest standards.  

The medical physicist will provide routine Medical Physics services including but not limited to performing Quality Assurance. 


1.     Design and implement quality control tests on the linear accelerator that conforms to the American Association of Physicist in Medicine Task Group Report 142

2.    Commissioning of a new medical linear accelerator and so candidates must be able to use basic radiation therapy physicist equipment such as scanning water tank, electrometers, ionization chambers, IMRT verification equipment such as Mapcheck.

3.    Candidates must be familiar with absolute dosimetry protocol especially the AAPM Task Report 51 protocol or the IAEA 398 Report

4.    Candidates MUST have experience operating a medical linear accelerator (experience with the Varian Medical Linear Accelerator, 21EX with 120 leaves MLC, AS 500 portal imager would be plus). 

5.    The candidate must be familiar with functioning of a radiation therapy mold room and must be able to make patient specific safety accessories including blocks, immoblization devices use in the treatment of radiation therapy patient.

6.    Must be able perform routine Treatment planning for common sites such as Prostate, lung, head and neck, whole brain irradiation, breast and cervix  using either the 3D conformal Radiation Therapy or the IMRT techniques

7.    Must be able to perform IMRT QA verification measurements using the Sunnuclear Mapcheck IMRT QA device.

8.    Functions as the onsite Radiation Safety Officer and hence must be familiar with IAEA and other international guidelines on the safe use of radiation for diagnosis and therapeutic purposes.

9.    The person would also act as the onsite quality officer for all radiation oncology treatments and hence reduce or eliminate potential error in misadministration of radiation treatment.

10. Perform daily, weekly and monthly quality assurance tests on medical linear accelerator and CT simulator as required.

11.   Cooperates with facility healthcare personnel and complies with facility policies and procedures.





  • A minimum of a Master’s degree in Medical Physics from any accredited program is required
  • At least two years of clinical experience in radiation therapy, including the calibration of linear accelerators, and clinical dosimetry is strongly preferred
  • Candidates MUST have an excellent command of the English Language
  • Familiarity with Record and Verify System
  • Proficiency in the use of computers and programs such as Excel and MS Word

Special Skills and Requirements:
a) Must be able to function effectively in a team oriented environment

b) Must be flexible, reliable and demonstrate sound judgment and initiative

c) Must be have a good working knowledge of English

Salary: Base salary plus performance related compensation and benefit package 

Submit your resume and salary requirements to


Start date: March 2018