African Professionals in Diaspora against Cancer.

August 12, 2015 OkonMedPhys  | Tags: Radiation Oncology African Professionals

Uniting Radiation Oncology African Professionals in Diaspora(Europe) against Cancer.

There is a growing passion in the African diaspora’s community for contributing to the continent in the fight against cancer. In Africa, the modality of cancer treatment/radiation therapy is not available in 31 out of 52  African countries (Lancet Oncology), which is far from the one linear accelerator treatment machine per million people recommendation by WHO for developing countries. In response to this situation, we anticipate the use of Okonmedphys platform to build up a grass root movement of interested professionals in the diaspora and together with FAMPO (Federation of African Medical Physics Organisations), would join hands in challenging the growing cancer burden in the continent. We are inviting you to join us in discussing issues that will be based on improving the current pattern and strategies towards cancer care and the imbedded international collaborations. Our objective is to utilize opportunities before us to bring about this change. The presence of Dr. Ige (FAMPO Secretary general) and Mr. Richard Samba (National Radiation Protection Agency) at the DGMP conference will provide a colloquium for discussion, development, improve sustainability and adoption of solid innovative approaches that would help create high impact on the international collaboration against cancer in Africa.

Together with FAMPO we want to build-up a successful collaboration-driven model with African Medical Physicists in diaspora. Using OkonMedphys together with similar platforms and outfit as a catalyst for the fight against cancer, the ultimate vision will be to help sustain and improve the state of art of Medical Physics in Africa.Objectives will be aimed at using medical physics approach to improve the situation of cancer care in Africa using sites in Nigeria and Cameroon as model institutions. This will include:

·Creating a panel that will make for experienced medical physicists to partake in the fight against cancer in Africa through education, mentorship, quality assurance procedures, radiation protection and research collaboration.
·Improve/sustain the effectiveness of medical physics in existing cancer care centres through mentorship.
·Help in the purchase of cancer care equipment, thereby increasing the availability of cancer care devices, especially in African nations where this equipment are lacking


Questions to be discussed

  1. How can we use the information and communication technologies available to us to help propagate collaborations (research collaboration, training, etc.)?
  2. How can we modify the equation of “brain drain”in Africa and make it profitable for the fight against cancer and improvement of medical physics in Africa?
  3. How can we help through collaboration to improve and make FAMPO an important regional player?
  4. What is the campaign strategies needed to help in populating the continent with the adequate number of cancer care machines as needed.

Expected outcomes

Expected outcomes of this venture will be to:

  • Place a blueprint for optimal collaboration through mentorship with FAMPO and cancer care institutions in Africa.
  • Help with Equipment purchase and donated equipment, high quality clinical quality assurance in Radiation Oncology, Nuclear Medicine, Diagnostic Radiology and Research.
  • Drive towards sustainability.
  • Access of information between the entities involved in the fight against cancer.